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Cultural and historical tours to Bukhara

Bukhara toursBukhara tours are a unique opportunity to look at a medieval Asian city of the beginning of the XX century.

The historical quarter of Bukhara has concentrated an unprecedented number of mosques and madrasahs. These buildings, intrinsic to Central Asia and overwhelming with its size, are decorated with intricate carvings, inscriptions and ornaments, whose beauty and technique seem almost incredible, bearing in mind the era of the construction. The impression is enhanced by the fact that all of them are located close to each other in the narrow medieval streets, which, here and there, lack asphalt tracks up to date. Squeezed like this in a dim street maze, you cannot but have a feeling as though you found yourself in another, unknown age.

All the Bukhara tours begin with the Labi-Hauz complex - an artificial pond in front of the Nadir Divan Begi Madrasah, built in the early XVII century. The routes through the maze of the old city begin from this place and this place is a center of Bukhara tourist life.

In addition to mosques and madrasahs, as part of the tour to Bukhara, you can visit trading domes, the oldest in Uzbekistan, where you can buy copper jugs, painted lyagans (dishes), patterned rugs and other pretty things of Bukhara traditional culture as an unusual souvenir or home decoration. Like many centuries ago, they are crowded from morning till night – people are selling and buying, negotiating and asking the price.

The Ark, a beautiful and majestic fortress of Bukhara rulers, is located out of Old Bukhara. There you can see how Bukhara rulers lived beginning from the IV century BC - dark halls, low dungeons, a square, where executions and reception were carried out, can tell a long and ancient history of Bukhara nobility.

Bukhara, one of the seven sacred cities of the Muslim East can surprise even the most experienced traveler. Bukhara tours will open the most ancient pages of Central Asian history to you.

Bukhara tours Bukhara tours Bukhara tours
Bukhara tours Bukhara tours Bukhara tours