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Bolo-khauz, Bukhara
source: dic.academic.ru

The feature of any large city in the east was the central square - Registan. The Registan of Bukhara is located close to the Ark fortress. Once there were palaces, mosques, chanceries, chambers of commerce and even a hospital. Now only complex Bolo-khauz survive from that central ensemble of buildings.
Bolo-khauz consists of three parts: the mosque, minaret, and the pond - khauz, which gave name to the whole complex. The pond can be translated from Uzbek as "children's pond”. Incidentally, this pond is the oldest construction in the complex, and one of few surviving ponds of Bukhara. Once these reservoirs were the source of water for the population, but in the early XX century were drained, as were a source of diseases.
Bolo-Hauz Mosque was built in the beginning of the XVIII century, and although it is relatively young in comparison with other mosques, but it certainly deserves the title of one of the most luxurious mosques in Bukhara. It is decorated by 20 high wooden columns, which bear the carved ceiling, covered with bright colors. By the way, it is popular as "mosque of forty columns" due to the reflection of these columns in the pond. In addition, some time this mosque was the main mosque of the city, and the Emir of Bukhara came here for Friday prayers. Thus, he wanted to emphasize his closeness to the people.
Near the mosque there is the small minaret, which was built a little later than the mosque, in 1718. Its distinguishing feature is the combination of miniature, proportionality and grace. Interesting fact: for a long time, it was like the Tower of Pisa, and was in slow leaning. But a few years ago, when the angle of lean reached a critical point, the procedure of straightening of minaret was carried out and today it looks like three centuries ago.
Today the complex is one of the impressive sights in Bukhara, but the mosque continues to operate and prayers are held here almost daily.

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