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Gate Talipach

Gate Talipach, Bukhara
source: wikipedia.org

One of the brightest symbols of the history of Bukhara is the gate Talipach which has ceased to meet the caravans coming to the city from the north and to be the place for collecting taxes on the entry. Today the city has grown and the surviving gate are surrounded by residential houses and gardens.
Besides it, the gate Karakul survived, which was built according to the same plan, and virtually do not differ in its architecture. The gate Sheikh Jalal lasted till the end of the XX century, but could not stand the test of time, and went to ruins, and the local people took the ruins for building materials.
Not far from the gate Talipach there are other sights such as the mausoleum of Chashmai Ayub (of St. Job), local bazaar. And at a certain distance you can find the remains of fortress walls, which once connected the 11 gates of Bukhara.
Moreover, for the period of existence of Bukhara several lines of walls were erected here, which were expanded together with the growth of the city. The last thorough extension of the line of defensive walls was carried out in the XVI century and 11 gates of Bukhara were erected at the same time. Today, the survived gates and the remains of walls are entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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